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Want a bride? Cleanup your place Now!

In addition to the causing well-known health and environmental hazard, mismanagement of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has resulted into a sort of social issues. For the young men of the 8 villages in the Karnataka located around a TSDF (Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility), it could mean permanent bachelorhood. The reason being no parents wants to […]

Pelletization of Municipal Solid Wastes

By Salman Zafar MSW is a poor-quality fuel and its pre-processing is necessary to prepare fuel pellets to improve its consistency, storage and handling characteristics, combustion behaviour and calorific value. Technological improvements are taking place in the realms of advanced source separation, resource recovery and production/utilisation of recovered fuel in both existing and new plants for […]

New Tech Lets An Army Of Informal Recyclers Collect Brazilian Waste

By MICHAEL J. COREN For decades, an informal recycling cooperative in Brazil has collected tons of recyclable material, which it sells back to heavy industry each day for reuse. The system, however, is plagued by inefficiencies: routes are haphazard, coordination is weak, and knowledge is easily lost when individuals leave the cooperatives. Brazil is now trying […]


‘Gurgaon dying in its own trash, residents must make first move’: US environmental engineer

Twenty-four-year-old Troy Ansley came to India with a vision to save nature and promote greenery starting from Gurgaon. Troy, an environmental engineer from Florida, USA, is working on several projects in conjunction with the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). He is here to guide them through the methods of preserving, maintaining and increasing the greenery […]