Disappearing Sparrows

Sparrows disappearing from Assam Following is the article published in the Zee News about disappearance of sparrows from Assam:  “Golaghat (Assam): Sparrows are disappearing from many parts of the country, and specially in Assam where electro-magnetic radiation from communication towers, use of leaded petrol in vehicles and overuse of pesticides in agriculture have been cited as some […]

Fending off the climate attack

Climate change is for real, so are the people adaptation measures against it. While the international debates over how to fight global warming and climate change continue, people living in the interiors of our country are adapting indigenous method to fight impacts of climate change.  Their resilience and quick adaptation to the changing environmental conditions proves that […]

Want a bride? Cleanup your place Now!

In addition to the causing well-known health and environmental hazard, mismanagement of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has resulted into a sort of social issues. For the young men of the 8 villages in the Karnataka located around a TSDF (Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility), it could mean permanent bachelorhood. The reason being no parents wants to […]

Census gives indications of healthy pachyderm population

It’s an encouraging news for the wildlife lover as the preliminary report from the three days synchronised elephant census in southern states indicate healthy pachyderm population. While the detailed report is awaited, the following news report discuss various aspects of the just concluded elephant census: Keep Watching this Space for more updates on this […]

Plastic to cotton: make that switch

In our continuing debate over uses of plastic bags and menaces associated with it, we bring to you a new perspective on the continued uses of plastic bags in malls and super stores. In this article published on, Vandana Vasudevan  explains how the charging for the plastic bags at the malls and Hyper market will not reduce […]

Introducing Abdul Muqeet, The Paper Bag Boy

Abdul Muqeet, also known as the Paper Bag Boy, has risen from being just another ordinary student to an extra-ordinary environmentalist. At just ten years old, Abdul Muqeet has demonstrated his commitment to saving the environment in United Arab Emirates and elsewhere. Inspired by the 2010 campaign “UAE Free of Plastic Bags”, Abdul Muqeet, a student […]