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About Us

The TERI University Alumni blog is created with the intention of serving as a virtual hub for engagement of people who share the common ethos of the TERI University and to foster sharing of knowledge, experience and other resources.

The genesis of the blog lies in a series of informal discussion about varied topics related to the university, where some of us felt that there was a need to leverage on the alumni network of the university for important matters such as placements. We felt that we need to build a platform which would bring together the entire diaspora of students associated with TERI University at some point of time and help establish an active network of alumnus spread across the world. This would serve the purpose of leverage on the capabilities of the alumni association and also give the alumni an opportunity to engage with the university in a constructive manner.

We believe that the blog would serve as a platform where people can hold virtual discussions ,share knowledge and experiences etc. Another important aspect of the blog is the augmentation  of the placement process by sharing information about opportunities in various organisation and other relevant information. The blog will be linked to other social and professional media forums like LinkedIN and Facebook to create an integrated platform for engagement and flow of information. The blog will serve as the source of information for people to keep themselves abreast with the  developments in the university. In due course of time the blog could prove to be an important ancillary resources for the university.

We believe that the blog would evolve dynamically in the future with active support participation from the people concerned. We have a long and challenging way ahead of us but as it is said that the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. We believe that the blog is a step in the right direction.

We would be happy to have you on the board for making an active contribution to this blog. Please visit the “Get Involved” page to know what all you can do!!


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